Providers: Doctors of Audiology

Alicia “Shelly” Cristobal, Owner and Doctor of Audiology


Dr. Shelly Cristobal

Dr. Shelly Cristobal took over as owner and audiologist of Hearing Health Care Patients in August of 2014.

For the past several years, Dr. Cristobal has been working with the excellent team at Raleigh Ear, Nose, and Throat, performing both diagnostics and management care for patients of all ages. This offered her experience caring for the needs of each patient in the context of total health care.

For those patients for whom hearing aids are appropriate, she utilizes gold standard fitting procedures with probe microphone based real ear measures. She also offer a wide range of assistive listening devices and auditory retraining programs.

Dr. Cristobal earned a Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Memphis in 2010, She completed a clinical internship was completed at UNC. She also earned her undergraduate degree from UNC Chapel Hill.  She has twice been awarded honors from national audiology organizations for above and beyond the typical continuing education efforts.

A North Carolina native, Dr. Cristobal lives in Hillsborough with her husband, Christian, their four-year-old, William, six-month-old, Benjamin, a Great Dane and a house cat. They are active parishioners at the Newman Catholic Student Center Parish in Chapel Hill.


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