Shelly Cristobal

Shelly Alicia Cristobal, AuD; CCC-A; F-AAA

Owner and Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Shelly Cristobal took over as owner and audiologist of Hearing Health Care Services in August of 2014.


Her previous experience includes working with a large team of Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists, diagnostic work in a hospital setting, clinical experience with all ages, premie-birth to 107, and even a summer working on hearing conservation research with children in cancer treatments at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. This offered her experience caring for the needs of each patient in the context of their total wellness.


After completing her bachelors’ degree at UNC-CH, she was granted a full graduate assistantship at The University of Memphis.  There she was able to receive an excellent and in-depth education on the physiology and psychology of hearing and balance.  Her interests focused on rehabilitation of hearing for individuals who lose hearing later in life.   During graduate school she also spent time painting.  Her specialty was large monochromatic acrylic anatomical  images including the outer, middle, and inner ear structures, as well as blood cells and bones.  She returned to Chapel Hill for a year-long internship to complete her training.


Known as an “otogeek” and a firm supporter of quality communication in all forms, Dr. Cristobal uses her knowledge by help individuals with hearing difficulties to stay connected.  She helps her patients to understand the nature, degree, and impact of their hearing loss, and to make decisions about how best to manage.

For those patients for whom hearing aids are appropriate, she utilizes gold standard fitting procedures with probe microphone based real ear measures. She also offer a wide range of assistive listening devices and auditory retraining programs.


She has twice been awarded honors from national audiology organizations for above and beyond the typical continuing education efforts.  She enjoys speaking at community outreach and education events around the triangle, educating health care providers and the general public.


A North Carolina native, Dr. Cristobal lives in Hillsborough with her spouse, Christian, and their two children, Will and Benny, a rescue Lab, and a house cat. They are active parishioners at the Newman Catholic Student Center Parish in Chapel Hill.  Along with her boys, Dr. C loves to be outside whenever possible.  You can find them hiking, gardening, or even just eating breakfast outside at any opportunity.


Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC
Favorite Sound: Rain falling
Greatest Accomplishment: My children’s teachers describe them as kind.