Ten Steps to Hearing Success with HHCS!

  1. Meet: Get to know you and your hearing challenges.
  2. Evaluate: Measure your hearing and make sure the ears are healthy.
  3. Assess: Assess how your inner ear and brain make sense out of sound.
  4. Plan: Partner with you to develop a

Sweet Nothings


Our relationships are an important part of our day-to-day lives and how we define ourselves. Humans are social creatures, and we are built for community.

Hearing loss presents a challenge to relationships that often goes unrecognized. It typically arises gradually, …

Diabetes and Hearing Loss


The American Diabetes Association has added a discussion of hearing loss and an important factor to consider in the plan of care for diabetics in their 2021 Standard of Medical Care.

We have known for years that people with diabetes …

Tips for Zoom and FaceTime

Zoom Icon

Hearing aid patients have been asking, “How do I get the best sound when I am on video calls like Zoom or FaceTime?

Great question!

Step 1: Make sure that your hearing aids are set up properly and …

Gift of Hearing


Here’s to sharing happiness in the new year …

In a year that’s been filled with adversity, including natural disasters, financial pressure, and a pandemic; it’s more important than ever to lend a hand to those in our community, especially …

Now offering extended hours!


We understand that schedules can be challenging, especially this year! As a result, we have extended our hours to offer late afternoon appointments and Saturday visits.

Appointments are required, and some offerings may not be available.

We hope that by …

Hearing for the Holidays?


Don’t forget about your loved ones’ ears this holiday season!

Clear masks to make it easier for those with hearing loss to understand you!

Volume limiting headphones and earbuds for the virtual school kids in your life!

Hearing aid accessories …

Virtual Hearing Health Seminar


When Hearing Aids Aren’t Enough

October 8, 2020

12:00 pm

Take the next step to address your hearing loss from the comfort of home. Are you or a loved one struggling with your hearing even when using hearing aids? You …

What else could COVID do?


Sudden hearing loss.  If you thought that the list of COVID effects was complete, don’t forget sudden hearing loss. 

Without a yet established pattern, it seems that blood clots from COVID occasionally cause a sudden and often total loss of …