Eeew! Earwax?


Eeew! Earwax?

As you can imagine, we see a LOT of earwax in a day!

Earwax is also known by the medical term cerumen. It is made up of a combination of sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells, and has …

2022 Gift of Hearing


We are thrilled to participate again this year in the GN Resound Gift of Hearing Program!

We have the opportunity to give away a pair of Premium hearing aids – the best on the market – to one deserving individual. …

October is Protect Your Hearing Month


October is National Protect Your Hearing Month! This is the perfect time to find out more about your hearing, what causes hearing loss, and how you can protect your hearing. Join us in discovering more about noise-induced hearing loss and …

Eyes Open – Ears On


Why is it important for most hearing aid users to wear their hearing aids the whole time they are awake every day? When should hearing aids NOT be worn?

Great questions!

Hearing aids do their job by getting sound to …

Hearing Matters!


Who should have a hearing test?

Everyone should have their hearing tested at 50 and every 5 years after.

Hearing should be checked by an audiologist annually if you

have significant exposure to loud things, either at work or for …

Better Hearing Month


May is Better Hearing Month!

Our Durham City Council graciously proclaimed Better Hearing Month. Thank you for helping us educate our community about hearing loss and audiology care!

Protect Your Ears!


How do I improve my hearing and understanding?

Well the key to this question is preserving what you have! 💫

You can’t necessarily improve your hearing, but you can follow these tips to help protect your hearing:

🔊[Turn it down] …