CoronaVirus Protocols Update: March 25, 2020

Shelly Cristobal, AuD – Owner and Audiologist

As a healthcare practice, our highest priority is serving the well being of our entire community. The situation in North Carolina surrounding the COVID-19 virus is expected to be changing rapidly over the next few weeks. The city of Durham has issued a Stay At Home order. I agree that this is the most prudent way to speed along the process of our whole community recovering from the virus as quickly as possible.

Our team has several resources to help you in non-contact form:

  • TeleHealth appointments can be conducted in a HIPAA complaint video call. This requires a web connection on a device with a camera and microphone as well as email access. If you do not have such a device at home but a family member is checking in with you and does have such a device, we can connect you through them.
  • Call backs from our Doctors. Our Doctors of Audiology will be on call to call you back within 2 hours during business hours. We can help with troubleshooting and answer questions.
  • Remote programming. Many of our hearing aids are capable of having adjustments made via an app on a smart phone or iPad. Set up a call with one of our doctors to determine if and how this can work for you.
  • Non-contact repair drop off and pick up. A drop box is available at the side door of our office. Instructions are posted with the box. Please do let us know by phone or email if you are dropping anything off, so that we can address it s quickly as possible. We will let you know how to safely and securely pick up repairs after they are completed.

It does not seem appropriate for us to keep and utilize the limited supply of PPE (protective equipment for health care workers) at this time. We will keep enough PPE to be able to see a few people in office under specific emergency circumstances. This includes keeping patients out of the emergency room, and keeping health care providers and emergency/essential personnel able to work at full capacity.

We are able to see you in office for:

  • Domes or hearing aid components stuck in ear canals.
  • If you are a health care provider or emergency/essential personnel and your hearing needs immediate addressing to keep you able to serve the community.
  • If you feel you have an emergency, please call and we will talk to you about the best course of action.

If our staff has potential exposures or any signs of illness, they will be sent to work from home. We are working hard to be able to ensure our staff is paid and productive, so that we can move out of the economic consequences of this virus as quickly as possible. Our highest priority is keeping everyone well, so keeping any sign of exposure out of the office is our highest priority.

We are reaching out to patients individually and offering FaceBook Live chats to share educational information and connection during this challenging time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything. We will do our best to help or connect you to the best resources.

God Bless, and stay well!
Shelly Cristobal, AuD