CoronaVirus Update – March 16, 2020

Right now we are in a constantly changing situation, and our team at HHCS wants to ensure that we keep everyone safe!

Following the updates from the CDC over the weekend, we are adapting our plan, and have expanded our services to telehealth services via a new HIPAA compliant online conferencing system, as well as drive-up services.

Our typical walk in hours will be available as long as we have staff well enough to provide them, but rather than having patients in and out of our waiting room, please park in line of sight of our door and call the office. We will come pick up the hearing aids from you, clean them, and return them. All clean and checks will involve a cycle through a sanitizing UV light, therefore may take a few minutes longer than usual. You are welcome to come into the office if you would like us to look in your ears at that time.

Picking up supplies such as batteries and wax guards or other supplies will be available by no-touch retrieval. Supplies will be placed in a bag labeled with your initials and attached to the outside of our side door (facing the middle of the building). We are happy to mail supplies for a $5 shipping fee. Please call or email to request the supplies needed and plan a pick up time.

A drop box for broken hearing aids will be available by the end of the week.

We are still able to offer face-to-face appointments for the time being. We do ask to set up a time to talk to one of our audiologists by phone or telehealth portal prior to a face-to-face appointment in the interest of limiting traffic in the office to essential visits.

We do not feel it prudent to offer home visits at this time, to limit risk to both patients and staff.

If you are ill but having hearing issues, please call our office and we are happy to work with you to solve what we can via telehealth, drop offs, or other creative solutions.

Please stay home when you can, stay well, and call us as needed!

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Shelly Cristobal, Laura Davies, and the HHCS team