Expanded services!

CI Hearing Aid

We are excited to be expanding our services this summer, adding Cochlear Implant management!  Partnering with Dr. McElveen of Carolina Ear and Hearing Clinic of Raleigh, and Cochlear Americas we look forward to offering community-based care to patients needing the next step on their hearing journey. 

The implant programs through UNC Healthcare and Duke Health are phenomenal. At HHCS, we wish to offer our patients, and the community, an independent source of comprehensive hearing care: personalized, best practices, at easy access.  We are still happy to connect our patients with the providers in these systems if that is what will best serve the individual’s hearing journey. 

We have many strategies and resources for providing strong benefits from hearing aids to individuals with progressive hearing losses.  Until now, when our patients reached the point of no longer experiencing enough benefit from hearing aids, we referred to one of the local health systems.  Now we are able to offer improved continuity of care by working with an independent surgeon in Raleigh, and continuing to manage our patients’ hearing needs at any level. 

A cochlear implant is a device that delivers an electrical signal to the inner ear via an external processor.  An array of electrodes is surgically implanted into the inner ear, and a few weeks later, the device is activated.  Over the first two to six months, we gradually help train the nerves and brain to accept, process, and make sense out of the new signal.  It is absolutely a miracle of modern medicine! 

If you have questions about cochlear implant technology, message us your questions here: 

Watch for online education sessions about implantable hearing technology coming in the fall!