Hearing Aid Styles

There are many different styles of hearing aids and it is critical to talk with your with your audiologist regarding which style will provide the most benefit for your hearing loss, listening needs and lifestyle. Not all styles provide the same features and benefits nor will they fit all hearing losses.


NANO/CIC/MC: Completely-in-the-canal or mini-canal hearing aids are molded to fit inside your ear canal and can improve mild to moderate hearing losses. This type of hearing aid is the least noticeable of the in the ear styles and is less likely to pick up wind noise and is easy to use with a cell phone or a home telephone. These units use small batteries (which typically provide up to 80 hours of use, 4-5 days) and will not contain features such as a volume controls, directional microphone or blue tooth technologies.

ITC: In-The-Canal-hearing aids are custom molded and fit partiallyin the ear canal but not as deeply as the smaller cic/mc. This style of hearing aid can improve mild to moderately-severe hearing losses, is less visible in the ear, is easy to use with a telephone, has directional microphones and can have Bluetooth wireless technology as well as a programming button. This hearing aid depending on your ear size, will either  use the size 10 battery (80 hours) or a size 312 battery (140-180 hours, 10-14 days).

HS/LP: The half shell/low profile is a larger version of the in-the-canal hearing aid and is custom molded to your ear and fills the lower portion of the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear. This style is appropriate for mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, is easier to handle than the smaller hearing aids, and also includes features such as directional microphones, volume controls, programming buttons and Bluetooth wireless technology. This hearing aid typically uses the size 312 battery. (160-180 hours, 10-14 days)

BEHIND THE EAR/ OPEN FIT / RITE: Today’s behind the ear hearing aids are very small devices which rest behind your ear and carry sound to your ear either through the use of a custom mold or through a small wire to a tiny dome or speaker in the ear canal. The OPEN FIT or RITE style leaves the ear canal relatively open providing a very natural sound quality to your own voice. Originally designed for high frequency hearing losses with advances in technology, they can now fit mild to severe hearing losses as well as have all the very best in features. These hearing aids typically use a size 312 battery but some do use  the larger size 13 battery.

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