Hearing Aid Fitting Process

If the results of your hearing test and consultation indicate that you are a candidate for hearing aids, we create an individualized plan for the fitting of your hearing aids. There are several appointments involved in the initial hearing aid fitting process:

1. Initial fitting appointment: At this appointment, your hearing aids will be programmed specifically for your ears and hearing based on your hearing test and lifestyle assessment. At Hearing Health Care Services, we follow best-practice recommendations by fitting our hearing aids using Real Ear Measures, which involves taking custom measurements of the hearing aids in your ear to create the most accurate and appropriate programming for you. Patients who are fit using Real Ear Measures are more comfortable and have better long-term results than patients who are fit using standard fitting protocols. In addition to programming your hearing aids, we will educate you about the components of your hearing aids, how to put them on and take them off, what to expect in the first several days and weeks, and how to change the battery. This appointment is the beginning of your 30-day hearing aid trial.

2. First followup: this is appointment is scheduled for approximately two weeks after your initial fitting appointment. At this appointment, we will discuss the benefits of your hearing aid programming and make any necessary adjustment. We will also review the things we covered at your first appointment as well as learn about how to care for your hearing aid and some troubleshooting information.

3. End of trial follow-up: typically scheduled at the end of your trial period, this third appointment is to assess any changes that were made at the previous appointment, answer any questions you may have, and make a plan for routine care and maintenance.

Once your trial period is complete and you are satisfied with the physical fit, volume and sound quality of your hearing aids, we recommend that you return to the clinic every 3-4 months for a routine clean and check appointment. At this quick, 15-minute appointment, we will thoroughly clean your hearing aids, replace non-electronic components, and assess the sound quality. Should additional replacement parts or repairs be needed, this will be discussed with you first. These routine, proactive appointments will keep your hearing aids working properly, reduce the need for out-of-office repairs, and extend the life of the devices over time.

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