How can we help?

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What CAN we do to help you under the Stay at Home order?

Hearing aid repairs – by drop box or curb-side service.  Call us to set up a time or make a plan!

Telehealth – HIPAA compliant video chats or phone calls to check in and answer questions or guide troubleshooting. We also have a You Tube channel with basic troubleshooting guides:

Remote hearing aid programming – many of our hearing aids can be adjusted or updated by your audiologist by connecting through a smart phone. Sometimes an initial curbside visit is needed to activate this option. 

Online store – we have used this time to develop an online store for hearing aid supplies, accessories, and assistive listening devices.

New hearing aid fittings – we are developing a protocol for fitting new hearing aids by curbside programming. At this time we would like to limit this delivery model to individuals providing essentials services in the community. We know the recent addition of face masks has been a significant hardship for individuals working with hearing loss, and we are here to help. 

Take Home Message: We have many strategies for helping folks with hearing loss and keeping you connected. This has always been our approach, and working under COVID has, in some ways, been a fun exercise in creative solutions. If you want help with your ears, call or message us!  We are here and ready to help!