Jabra Enhance Plus

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A Deep Dive into the new Jabra Enhance Plus self-fitting hearing aids.

These are FDA approved hearing aids, under the new self-fitting regulations. There is only one other device on the market in this category – the Bose Sound Control devices.

We will be offering these devices starting March 1st. We are required to complete a hearing evaluation and ensure that there are no medical concerns with the ears prior to purchase. These will only be available to individuals with no worse than a mild-to-moderate hearing loss, and no medical contraindications. They are also appropriate for individuals without hearing loss but who struggle to understand speech in background noise.

The devices double as wireless earbuds for most smart devices. True Hands-free calling is only available for iPhones 11 and newer, and a selection of newer iPads. They are smaller than any earbuds on the market, and the sound quality is fantastic!

The devices are $799 for a pair of devices plus charger. We have an annual care plan available, and/or coaching sessions for our audiology assistant to help you set up and learn about using the devices. As with our traditional prescription hearing aids, we strongly recommend quarterly deep cleanings on the devices to keep them in best working order and extend their lifespan.

This is an exciting new option that we hope will make hearing care more affordable and accessible, as well as getting folks to start taking care of their hearing loss sooner!