New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Hearing Tested

We all want to be in better health, and be the best versions of ourselves. The new year is a great time to reflect on where we’re at and evaluate our progress. We think about the things that worked well in the past year, and things we’d like to do better. We make New Year’s resolutions to eat better, sleep more, and spend less time on our phones. One resolution we should all be making is to get our hearing tested. Having clear hearing is one of the best things you can do for your overall health and well-being.

Hearing Loss is a Top Health Concern

Along with diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, hearing loss is one of the most common chronic health concerns in America. The best way to deal with these conditions is through preventative healthcare, so we exercise and eat health diets to lower our cholesterol, control diabetes, and reduce our risk of heart disease. Hearing loss shouldn’t be any different, and preventing and treating hearing loss early should be a top priority. Approximately 40 million Americans of all ages have hearing loss, and protecting your hearing from dangerously loud noises and treating hearing loss as soon as you notice it will help you manage this health concern, and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Benefits of Early Treatment

You visit the doctor for an annual physical, monitor your blood pressure every year, and check your cholesterol levels. Adding an annual hearing test to your routine will keep you in great health for years to come, and treating hearing loss early has a lot of benefits. Did you know that hearing loss doesn’t just impact your ears? Hearing loss has a huge effect on our overall health and well-being, including physical, mental, and emotional health. Treating hearing loss early not only prevents more serious hearing loss, it will also lower your risk of social isolation, anxiety, and depression. You’ll be more successful at work, and you’ll be less likely to develop dementia as you age!

Baseline Hearing Test

When was the last time you had a hearing test? If you haven’t had your hearing tested since grade school, then schedule a hearing test as soon as possible! Like annual vision tests, annual hearing tests are recommended for adults over the age of 50, and the first step is to get a baseline hearing test so you’ll know exactly what you can hear. This provides a reference point for following tests, and we’ll notice the moment your hearing loss changes. Baseline testing will show you how well you’re hearing at different pitches, and it will also show how well you’re hearing conversations and understanding speech.

What’s Included in a Hearing Test

A comprehensive hearing test is completely non-invasive, and you can have a lot of fun with it. During the hearing test we’ll spend some time talking about your hearing health and your overall medical history so we can rule out hearing loss due to an illness or injury. We’ll also ask you a few questions about your lifestyle and hearing needs so we can recommend the perfect device that will help you hear, whether you struggle to hear in places with a lot of background noise, or need help focusing on voices during family dinners.

To test your hearing, we’ll play a series of sounds at various pitches and volumes to get a clear picture of which sounds you can and can’t hear. All you have to do is indicate when you hear a sound. It’s as easy as that! This information will be mapped on an audiogram, and you can see exactly where you have hearing loss, and at what pitches and volumes you struggle to make out sounds. With this audiogram, we can suggest the best devices that will help you hear, and calibrate them to your unique hearing profile and listening needs.

Hearing Health Care Services

Don’t waste another day, and make a New Year’s resolution to get your hearing tested to look after your hearing health! To schedule a comprehensive hearing test, call us at Hearing Health Care Services, and visit our team of hearing health specialists. See what clear hearing can do for you, and enjoy optimal health in the year ahead.