Protect Your Ears!

How to Protect your Hearing

How do I improve my hearing and understanding?

Well the key to this question is preserving what you have! 💫

You can’t necessarily improve your hearing, but you can follow these tips to help protect your hearing:

🔊[Turn it down] Set your volume limit on your device so you’re listening at no louder than 70 percent of the possible volume. Many smartphones have a place to change this in the general settings! 

❌[Turn it off] Hearing damage occurs at loud volumes for long periods of time. You can use the 60/60 rule: listen at 60 percent volume for 60 minutes, then take a break for 30 minutes or more to allow your ears to rest and recover.

🎧[Choose noise-cancelling headphones]—This is particularly important if you enjoy listening to your device in noisy environments (airplane or bus). Without realizing it, you may dial up the volume in your headphones to overcome the noise around you.  Custom earplugs or custom molds for your headphones can also help keep outside noise from interfering. (We can hep you make them!)

[It’s all about that bass]—If you’re a big fan of the “head-banging” effect of music, use the equalizer on your device to turn up the bass. Even by turning down the volume, you’ll still get the nice jam session effect! 

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