Start Your New Year with Better Hearing!

Hearing Health

What are your plans for the new year? Lots of people intend to change things up in the new year, and the list of resolutions might grow by the day. Whether you plan to get better nutrition, more exercise, longer sleep, or simply to drink more water, you probably have your health in mind. Did you know that hearing health can be a great way to start the new year? When you think of untreated hearing loss, you might not even conceive of it as a form of health, but it turns out that untreated hearing loss connects with a wide range of health issues. Your hearing ability is connected to your physical, mental, and cognitive health, but did you know that getting treatment can help you build healthier relationships, as well? When we set new year’s resolutions, our relationships aren’t always at the top of the list, but pursuing better hearing health can touch all the bases. Let’s take this opportunity to learn how hearing health can pave the way toward healthier relationships, as well. 

Hearing Loss and Relationships

If you ask someone, “What is the key to a healthy relationship?” you will probably hear the response, “Communication.” This adage is repeated for a reason. Our understanding of others is built on communication, and it comes in many forms. Although we communicate with others through body language, emotional expression, and a variety of other forms, speech is the most common way to help others understand us. We can disclose parts of ourselves to other people through speech, and we can communicate the subtleties of emotions in this way, as well. 

With this power to communicate through speech, you might not be surprised that hearing loss can become a barrier in a relationship. Whereas you might have had deep conversations in the past, hearing loss can make this type of communication much more difficult. Even the struggle for casual conversation and small talk can take a toll. The ease of sharing little jokes and casual asides can be limited when hearing loss gets in the way, and our feelings of safety in relationships can be damaged in this way. 

Treatment and Relationship Health

When you get treatment for hearing loss, you can reap the rewards for relationship health, as well. Whereas it might have become difficult to communicate with loved ones and community members alike, hearing aids can fill in the gaps in speech, making it possible to rebuild these ties. One of the other ways that hearing aids help rebuild relationships is to relieve some of the stress, frustration, and anger that might have emerged between you and others. 

When you struggle to communicate, you might have become so frustrated that your loved ones felt you were taking out that negative emotion on them. Whether or not that feeling was directed at your family, the feeling was likely palpable for everyone around you. When you receive the treatment you need for hearing loss, that weight of frustration can be relieved, as well. Your relationships can become healthier through a restored ability to communicate and also the relief of stress you had once experienced in those relationships. 

A New Year for Healthy Relationships

With the new year upon us, why not start with a fresh commitment to your hearing health? The simplest step you can take is to schedule a hearing test. This exam is quick, easy, and painless, but its results are invaluable. When one of our hearing health professionals administers the test and interprets the results, we can use those diagnostic findings to connect you with hearing aids that suit your needs. 

Wearing these hearing aids can help you communicate healthily with your loved ones, family members, and community, building bridges that might have suffered from untreated hearing loss. Among the many opportunities for new year’s resolutions, why not make your commitment simple, realistic, and measurable: scheduling a hearing test. 

You can check this resolution off your list right away and move on to a new year full of strong relationships, better physical, mental, and cognitive health, as well as a fresh enjoyment of the richly sounding world. Contact us today!