The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

Have you been noticing that you’ve had to ask people to repeat themselves more often than ever before? Do family members complain that you listen to the television too loudly even though it sounds just fine to you? These are almost never issues with the way others speak but clues that can diagnose a newly developed case of hearing loss. If this is you, then it is a good idea to seek treatment. The most common treatment for hearing loss is hearing aids. These tiny devices amplify the sounds around you and send them directly to your ears so you won’t have to strain any longer. Even so most people wait seven to ten years before they properly deal with their hearing loss. Below are some major reasons to not put off dealing with your hearing loss any longer. 

Improved communication

Communication is what keeps us in touch with the people around us. When our hearing starts to erode it happens slowly. Often it is the most subtle sounds and consonants of speech that go first making it harder to understand what people are saying to you. This makes communication a much more laborious exchange than before when your hearing was healthy. When the constant back and forth of daily conversation, sharing and emotional support, and the bond you have with family and friends will become strained. When you treat hearing loss you can hear what others are saying again so you won’t have to struggle to listen and respond. 

Improved intimacy

It is the subtlety of communication that keeps us close to our significant other. The calm conversation and the sharing of inside jokes might seem inconsequential but these are the very things that keep us feeling connected and intimate. When you avoid dealing with a hearing loss you slowly over time fail to engage in these moments of intimate exchange. This can seriously erode your intimate relationships that you may have spent years building. When you start wearing hearing aids you can start to rebuild what may have been lost in communication.

Improved independence

When you struggle to hear it can make a huge impact on your feeling of safety and independence in the world. When you can’t hear what others are saying you may rely on family members or friends to act as a translator in the world. When you invest in hearing aids you can start to venture out into the world again confident that you can communicate and respond accordingly. 

Improved Physical Health

The struggle to hear can lead to increased anxiety and stress, which can manifest in many negative side effects to your physical health including insomnia, muscle tension, headaches and high blood pressure. Even though we receive the sounds of the world via our ears, we actually hear with our brain. When our brain has to work with limited information due to the breakdown of our ears it can cause cognitive strain making you extra exhausted after a long day of social interaction. When the brain is forced to strain for too long you can become at a higher risk for cognitive decline and even dementia.  Hearing aids can restore lost sound pathways, which exercises those parts of your brain again and reduces stress.

Improved Professional Performance

When we struggle to hear it affects more than our relationships at home. Most work environments rely on communication to work as a team. In an office setting it may be hard to hear and participate in meetings or hold important conversations over video chat. In an industrial setting like a factory or construction site, not being able to hear is a real safety hazard. When you can’t hear you put you and your co-workers at risk. In most profession situations, when people do not deal with their hearing loss, your professional life suffers. Many studies find that people with untreated hearing loss often were paid less pay and were more likely to be laid off, while those who were unemployed are more likely to remain this way in comparison to their peers with healthy hearing.

Seek Treatment Today

With so much at stake, there is no reason to risk your most valued relationships, your career and your health. If you suspect you have hearing loss, make an appointment to have your hearing tested today and get back on the road to a rich life of sound and communication.