Tinnitus does not have to disrupt your life. 

Many of our patients come to us having been told that there is nothing to be done about tinnitus.  While often tinnitus is not bothersome and not at all harmful, in about 10% of cases it can really get in the way of life!

For those individuals the ear-noise or head-noise gets caught in a cycle with the fight-or-flight system in the brain.  This stress system can create a feedback loop that can be absolutely miserable and disrupt sleep, hearing, work, and life!

We provide a Tinnitus Assessment that helps to create a sketch of how the noise sounds to the individual.  This also allows provider and patient to better understand the sound and how to manage it.

We also offer several options of Tinnitus Management plans that combine acoustic enrichment (masking sound) with coaching sessions to improve understanding of the tinnitus and lifestyle management strategies.

We are always exploring new research on technology and strategies for tinnitus management.  Currently we are Beta Testing a new tinnitus support program that crosses the auditory signal with tactile sensory input to disrupt the stress cycle.  If you would be interested in being a Beta tester for this new technology, please reach out.  Our first steps would be a consultation and Tinnitus Assessment with one of our Doctors of Audiology.

The American Tinnitus Association is a great resource:



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