Tips for Zoom and FaceTime

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Hearing aid patients have been asking, “How do I get the best sound when I am on video calls like Zoom or FaceTime?

Great question!

Step 1: Make sure that your hearing aids are set up properly and in good working order. Ask your hearing care professional if your devices have been set up with Real Ear Measures or find someone who does them (like us!). Keep up those routine hearing aid cleanings to keep the hearing aids in best working order. We are doing these visits quarterly on a curbside basis.

Step 2: If at all possible, pair the hearing aids to your phone or iPad via Bluetooth. Many modern hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible. If your hearing aids are not able to stream directly, look into ordering a streamer that will allow them to connect. If you would like help with this, reach out to our Audiology Assistant and resident 20-something, Rachel! She is a wiz at helping you get connected and stay connected!

Step 3: Make sure audio streaming is enabled!

Hearing Devices Screenshot
Hearing Aids paired, Audio Routing
Audio Routing Screenshot
Both call and Media set to Always hearing devices
Media Audio Screenshot
Always hearing devices checked

Step 4: Download the zoom app onto the device to which you are paired. It is free and available in the app store or google play store.

Step 5: Connect via the Zoom app (or FaceTime, or Skype, or Google Meet), and make sure the sound is routing through the hearing aids.

Technology can do amazing things, but it can be hard to keep up with all of the options and ins and outs available. Hopefully this will help make meetings and family calls easier!