Trade In Event (May 31)

All right folks here’s the deal: We are trying a new Trade In Event! 

On the last day of May we are offering a trade-in on your old hearing aids toward the purchase of new hearing aids. 

I know we have lots of folks out there who have been successful hearing aid users but their current devices are wearing out her no longer serving their goals.
A trade-in value of $250 per unit will be granted toward the purchase of a standard advance or premium device with a maximum of one trade-in device her one new device purchased. Professional fees are what they are and cannot be discounted as part of this program.

We are happy to accept trade-ins from other providers, even if the technology is “locked” or the devices are custom molded to your ears. 
(This is a great opportunity for those of you who had hearing aids from Sam’s Club before they closed in Morrisville.) 

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity call us and set up a consult time so that we can make some decisions about what will move meet your needs best moving forward. Then we can go ahead and schedule your trade-in and Fitting for May 31!

Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!