What to Expect (Part 3)

A comprehensive hearing evaluation assesses how loud sound needs to be for you to be aware of it across a range of different types of sounds, or pitches, as well as how well you are able to understand speech when it is quiet and when it is loud.  If additional information might be helpful, we may also assess your loudness reactivity, speech understanding in background noise, and/or measure your tinnitus.

We like to review the results and implications of the hearing test at the same visit, and an evaluation with us means that you and, if you wish, your primary care provider will get a written report explaining the results. If management or treatment options are suggested, we can discuss them at that time as well.

Hearing aids are NOT the only treatment that we have to offer!  Some individuals with hearing difficulties may be better treated with auditory rehabilitation through computer-based retraining programs, or assistive listening devices.