What to Expect (Part 4)

We do dispense hearing aids through our office, as well as fit appropriate amplification devices purchased through insurances or reputable outside sources.  We are preferred providers for TruHearing and Amplifon.

Hearing Aids available range from made for iPhone and Bluetooth enhanced options, to 24/7 invisible solutions, to traditional devices optimized for limited dexterity and vision.  We use your hearing ability data in the hearing aid selection process, basing our recommendations on your lifestyle needs, degree of hearing loss, and your speech understanding scores.

A hearing aid fitting, refitting, or amplification assessment involves very precise measurements of the sound level at your eardrum through a process called Real Ear Measures.  This allows the Audiologist to make sure that the devices are working in the best possible way to meet your needs. The sound is lined up to match a prescription – to ensure the best possible speech understanding.